Culture & Science

Land, water and air

Land & Water animals

Working together on Antartica

3rd year student helping a 1st year student

“The earth goes around the sun.” A birthday celebration!

Creating the Solar System

Creating the Solar System

Our study of the planets. How cool!

Our study of the planets. How cool!

Finding Fossils in ice


Culture is taught to the young child to teach him/her about their world and their place in it. Children are taught to respect and embrace all cultures while learning about the food, habitats, animals and people.

The young child learning is effortless and unconscious. He or she attains information through his or her senses which are working at an amazing 100%. Between the ages of 2-5 an intrinsic need for order develops and the young child learns to trust his or her environment. A child from infant to 6 years of age absorbs everything which is why our center believes in a nurturing calm and well prepared setting.

Our Teachers have Montessori training and or early childhood education training. The teacher acts as a guide who observes and who role models peace and respect for the child. We practice peace education by learning virtues and role modelling the language of virtues on a daily basis even with our infants and toddlers! It is each teachers goal at our center to create a safe nurturing environment where children can become independent and self-confident, gaining a love for learning.

Children are given freedom & structure.

Our children are free to choose their activities without interruption. Children are free to socialize and are given opportunities to succeed and to help others succeed. Children at our center are valued and are listened to. We work with each child and family to meet individual development needs.